EMPORIUM Heat Therapy Orthopaedic Pain Reliever Electric Heating Pad with Belt and Temperature Controller for Joints, Muscle, Back, Leg, Shoulder, Knee, and Neck Pains (Regular Large, Beige) - Android1

Product Description

Heating pad for lumbar back pain relief is an orthopaedic heat belt with widest coverage. The back heating pad to protect heat loss, heat belt type design is easy to use and comes with three temperature settings. The orthopaedic back pain belt is very effective for people with severe back pain and old patients who have less resistance to cold.

Orthopaedic Heat Therapy Back Belt by EMPORIUM – Your partner for pain relief

This orthopaedic heat belt by Flamingo is a great news for all men and women who suffer from intense joint ache, back and shoulder pain. This hot bag offers dry heat therapy which is advisable for orthopaedic pain relief. It comes with a power cord and a 3 step temperature controller that allows the user to set the heat level as per his/her body heat or intensity of pain. Besides offering great relief from pain, this heat belt is also a useful object for those who have less resistance towards extreme cold weathers. It comes in a flexible design to allow you to wear it anyway and get maximum relief from pain.


Can Relieves orthopaedic pain

Orthopaedic pain demands dry heat therapy than water filled hot bags. This heat bag provides exactly so in 3 different temperature setting, offering relief from excruciating orthopaedic pain.

Effective dry heat therapyRaguler size heat beltSuitable for Both Men and WomenComes with a soft slide controller with 3 pre-set heat levelsMaximum temperature setting is 80 CConsumes 55 W.

4 layers of insulation on either side for complete comfort and safety / Useful for backaches, sprain, muscular, joint pains, abscesses, women related pains.
In-built twin thermostat for 100 percent safety / Maximum temperature setting 80 degrees centigrade
Ultra soft washable cotton cover, Sub Type: Portable / Three convenient sizes
Velcro strap-on belt, Number of Temperature Settings: 3, Used for Backaches, Sprains, Muscular & Joint Pains, Abscesses Three convenient sizes

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