The item is a set of 6pcs simple and practical outdoor barbecue sticks, which is mainly made of sturdy stainless steel for convenient to use. It is hygienic and safe for toasting, which is really wonderful for outdoor camping, hiking, BBQ, picnic, etc. From kebabs to marshmallows, you can skewer your favorite foods with ease on these durable skewers.

★Equipped With Blow Slots For Extra Heat Producing. High Heat Searing Capability
★Portable Coal Based Barbeque Grill is ideal for Picnics, Gardens, Patios, Camping and Outdoor BBQ Parties.
★Ideal For Mini Home BBQ Parties or Camping & Hiking or Picnic at Beech
★Product Size: Lx43.5Cm Hx23.5Cm BX29Cm.

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