We procure fresh desi nuts from the local orchards of  Coimbatore and Pollachi area. Pollachi produces some of the best produce of coconuts in the country, The coconuts from this region are known for the sweetness in taste and higher percentage of Electrolytes.

Native nuts are richer in Electrolytes than the hybrid ones, The minerals play several important roles in our body, including maintaining proper fluid balance.  Minerals that are present in coconut water are potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium
We pack our drink with top quality Pharma grade machines
We chill the coconut water at 4C and then bottle it with 5PPM nisin (bio-preservative as per statutory requirement)
The sealed bottle goes through an incubation period to check for microbial growth, seal defects and only after each bottle passes the quality test, we pack them ready to be served to our customers
A note to our dearest consumers – The taste of the coconuts we use can vary widely from crop to crop, through the year. So we add a teeny-weeny bit of sugar (less than half a tea spoon <1%) to our drink to give you a consistently better taste experience
This is a specific variety of coconut from the quaint town of Pollachi, which though slightly expensive to source, is the best tasting and most nutritious in India. We always strive to bring you the best. Mummy promise

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