WHAT MAKES KANSA METAL SO UNIQUE? WHAT GIVES IT HEALING PROPERTIES? We previously mentioned how kansa or bronze is humanity’s first metal alloy. What is interesting about that, however, is that the two primary metals used, copper and tin are not fund in the same location. Thus, seers of ancient times must have had some inner awareness that lead them to conceive of combining them. With a trace amount of zinc, this unique human innovation could be used in any number of ways; weapons, sacred statuary, prized home objects, and healing tools. Kansa as a powerful and healing affect on the human body and mind. Ancient healers knew that there were subtle, unseen energies in the body. The Chinese discovered a meridian network with vital energy or acupressure/acupuncture points. In Ayurveda, subtle energy points – known as marmas – were discovered on the chakra grid used in healing and spiritual practice. Thus unseen networks of electro-magnetic energy are affected by kansa. Why? Because, kansa, the traditional bronze, is the metal alloy known to be the FASTEST conductor of electro-magnatism. And yet, these kansa healing tools are SO easy to use. Although there are traditonal patterns and sequences that you can learn, just taking one in your hand and rubbing on the area of concern guarantees a great result. And, made of wood and metal, there are no attachments, no batteries, or anything needed other than the tool itself. It is a tool for life that last a lifetime! CARE and MAINTENANCE Because of its unique electro-conductivity, kansa is extremely sensitive to how it is cared for. DO NOT CLEAN YOUR KANSA TOOLS WITH HARSH CHEMICALS OR ABRASIVES. What we recommend is our cleansing with cosmetic clay and tea tree oil. Any clay will do. At the same time, you may use a castile soap if you like. In professional aesthetic settings, placing your kansa tool in your ultraviole

# Used On The Face, The Kansa Wand Feels Gentle And Luxurious And Stimulates The Subtle Energy Grids Known In Chinese And Ayurvedic Traditons. Witness An Amazing Glow And Countenance Of Beauty And Peace Arise On Your Client’S Face. Aestheticians Love These Wands! And, They Are Very Economical With Absolutely Nothing To Break Or Burn Out.
# The Face And Body Wand Can Be Used Not Only On The Face, But Effortlessly Enhance Peace And Wellness Throughout The Body. And It Is So Easy To Use. There Is Almost No Way You Can Use This Wand That Will Not Result In An Enhanced And Well Appreciated Experience For Your Client. Less Energy And Great Results!
# The Professional Face And Body Wand Can Be Used By Anyone. As Home Self-Help Tool, There Is Really No Way To Use It Wrong! Rub It Gently Over The Surfaces You Would Like To Focus On And See Light, Energy, And Wellness Radiate. To See How The Kansa Face – Or Face And Body – Wands Effect The Human Aura
# The Personal Kansa Face Wand For Those Who Want A Lighter Tool, Just For Face Rejuvenation, In The Morning, During The Day, Or Anytime, We Offer The Petit Personal Face Wand.

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